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Blank Application

Post by Admin on Thu May 25, 2017 4:47 pm

(Delete anything in parenthesis)
([Anything in these symbols stands for different options] Delete the ones you don't use)
Wolf's Name:
Wolf's Age (We do human years to make things easier. Pups range between 0-12 years, Teens 13-19 years, Apprentices 15-19, Grown wolves 20-49, and Elders 50-till they pass):
Wolf's Description:
Wolf's Powers (assuming they have any):
Wolf's Desired Pack: [Fire] [Water] [Grass] [Lightning] [Ice] [Air] [Loner]
Rank Desired:
Do you have Skype?: [Yes] [No]
Do you have Feral Heart as of now? [Yes] [No, but I will when possible](Yes this question seems stupid, but this is for asking friends in the physical world.)
How active are you?: [1(Not at all)] [2(Not often)] [3(A few times)] [4(A little) [5(Kinda)] [6(Quite a bit)] [7(A few times a week)] [8(A few times a day)] [9(A lot)] [10(All the time)]
How many Ranked Role-plays have you been in?: [Many] [Few] [First one]
Role-Play sample (I'm sorry, but it's required to see how good you role-play.):


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